Medina Greys Celebrate Texas

On Saturday, March 5, 2016, Medina Greys Camp 2254 participated in the First Annual “Celebrate Texas” event at the Medina County Courthouse. Organized by the Medina County Historical Commission, the event was to highlight Texas Independence Day and showcase life in early Texas.

Participating in period attire were (from left to right) Camp 1st. Lt. Charles Thacker; Camp Information Officer Matthew West; Camp Chaplain Johnny Davis, and Adjutant David Bohmfalk.

Medina Greys Celebrate Texas

2016 Upcoming Events




4-5 – Fort Clark Days, Brackettville (all day) (West Texas Division)

10 – Arlon Seay Elementary School (Bulverde), 8 am (Alamo City Guards)

12-13 – Guns of 1863, Camp Mabry (Austin), 1pm


2 – Tejeda MS History Faire (Alamo City Guards)

2/3 – Highland Games, Helotes (Hood’s Texas Brigade)

9 – Texas Freedom Road, Gonzales (Hood’s Texas Brigade)

16 – Monument Dedication, Austin (Hood’s Texas Brigade)

23 – Fiesta Flambeau Parade, San Antonio (6th Brigade HQ)

24 – Confederate Decoration Day, San Antonio (6th Brigade HQ)





3-5 – Texas Division Reunion, Kerrville


13-17 – National Reunion, Richardson (Dallas)



xx-xx – Medina County Fair and Parade (


8 – Fort Croghan Day, Burnet 9am-5pm (Medina Greys)



xx-xx – Christmas in God’s Country

10 – Christmas at Fort Croghan, Burnet 4-8 pm (Medina Greys)

New Officers

Nominations and Elections were held at at the December 1st, 2015 Meeting. The 2016 Medina Greys Camp Officers are listed below. Congratulations!

Commander- Hawk Bennett

1st Lt. Commander- Charles Thacker

2nd Lt. Commander- Tommy Joyner

Adjutant- David Bohmfalk

Chaplain- Johnny Davis

Wrapping up 2015

The time has come that we begin to wrap up the year 2015. Looking back, the SCV and Medina Greys Camp has seen a whirlwind of activity. The “Progressive’s” campaign to remove all things Confederate made us realize that the war against Northern Aggression is not quite over yet as they still try to rewrite the history books and attempt to remove all traces of our ancestry and heritage from the public arena.

There was one fortunate outcome that was an unintended result of the “Progressive’s” movement, which benefited not just the SCV, but the South in general. You see, when they started picking on our heritage, we didn’t just lay down and let them run us over! Instead, we raised our battle flags high and reminded the world that we are serious when we say, “The South will rise again!” Proof of this is right here at the Medina Greys Camp as we saw our membership grow!

With a presidential election, the increase threat of terrorism, racial tensions at an all-time high and a threat of another war abroad, this next year, if not the next 6 months, is going to be challenging to say the least! This is a time when we need to stand tall and stand proud as the South WILL rise again!