The time has come that we begin to wrap up the year 2015. Looking back, the SCV and Medina Greys Camp has seen a whirlwind of activity. The “Progressive’s” campaign to remove all things Confederate made us realize that the war against Northern Aggression is not quite over yet as they still try to rewrite the history books and attempt to remove all traces of our ancestry and heritage from the public arena.

There was one fortunate outcome that was an unintended result of the “Progressive’s” movement, which benefited not just the SCV, but the South in general. You see, when they started picking on our heritage, we didn’t just lay down and let them run us over! Instead, we raised our battle flags high and reminded the world that we are serious when we say, “The South will rise again!” Proof of this is right here at the Medina Greys Camp as we saw our membership grow!

With a presidential election, the increase threat of terrorism, racial tensions at an all-time high and a threat of another war abroad, this next year, if not the next 6 months, is going to be challenging to say the least! This is a time when we need to stand tall and stand proud as the South WILL rise again!