Camp Officers

2016 Camp Officers

Commander- Hawk Bennett

1st Lt. Commander- Charles Thacker

2nd Lt. Commander- Tommy Joyner

Adjutant- David Bohmfalk

Chaplain- Johnny Davis


2014-2015 Founding Camp Officers

Commander – Peter Baron
Lieutenant Commander – John Marshall McCammon
2nd Lieutenant Commander – Michael Joe Schmid
Adjutant – David L. Bohmfalk
Chaplain – Ronald Edward Bohmfalk
Sergeant-at-Arms – Warren Searson
Webmaster – Matt West

The following officer descriptions are found in the SCV Camp Officer Positions (SVC Camp Handbook 2012 Ed.)

Commander: The commander has a unique responsibility to lead, encourage, assist, guide, maintain esprit de corps, and above all, to work to achieve harmony within the camp. While an SCV camp is a democratically run organization, the camp commander does have the overall responsibility for the camp he has been elected to serve. The commander presides at all meetings or otherwise designates his subordinate officers to do so. He is nominated for office by a nominating committee, or from the floor. He will appoint all non-elected officers and all necessary committees and will perform such other duties as are usually incident to the office. He will fill all vacated offices occurring during his administration until the next election of officers, with the advice and consent of the camp executive council.

Lieutenant Commander: His authority is second only to the commander. He presides in the absence of the commander. Upon the resignation or death of the commander, the Lieutenant Commander automatically becomes commander for the un-expired term. He usually chairs the Programs Committee. He represents the commander at all memorial services when the commander is not present. The Lieutenant Commander is also a member of the camp executive council.

Second Lieutenant Commander: The Second Lieutenant Commander is not a required position, but is a position developing the future leadership of the camp and possible future camp commander. He serves at the direction of the commander and usually chairs the membership committee. He is authorized to represent the camp whenever the above officers cannot be present. However, he does not have the authority to speak for the commander or the camp unless given that authority by the commander. Some very large camps may even choose to have a Third and Fourth Lieutenant Commander to ease the burden of the above officers.

Adjutant The Adjutant may serve more than one term and a good one should be encouraged to continue in his post. The duties and responsibilities of Adjutant include those duties performed in many organizations by secretary, treasurer and registrar. In many camps a treasurer, a secretary, a genealogist or several other positions may assist the adjutant. His position is the most critical for the camp’s continued growth and administrative responsibilities. An individual who procrastinates should not be considered for this office. This office and its complexities require an entire section of its own. Details are therefore contained in Section 7 for the adjutant’s position within the camp.

Chaplain: A man with strong religious convictions usually fills this office. He will open and close all meetings with an invocation and a benediction. He serves at various memorial services and funerals. He should have the responsibility to send get-well cards to the sick. He should report to the camp on the condition of members and needs during their illnesses and recuperation. The Chaplain should order flowers for the deceased, at the camp’s expense and with the approval of the Camp’s Executive Council. He must also prepare a report of death for each deceased member and forward this to the Chaplain-in-Chief.

Sergeant-at-Arms He is responsible for maintaining order and decorum in the meeting place. The Sergeant-at-Arms will also serve in parades as the color sergeant and attend memorial services, firing demonstrations, and at other camp events.

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